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Protex HEAVY Transparent (Not Available) Snap-On Vulcanized Rubber Pants #202

  • $ 12995
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Item #202

Not Available!

Sold As Is No Guarantee: Some Snaps May Be Defective and portions of the rubber may be discolored. Purchase At Your Own Risk 

That Are Both Damaged (the snaps are damaged, not the rubber)And Discolored Which We Will Sell For $150.95 Each.

This Is Our Last Batch Ever Of Snap-Ons. 

NOTE: This Item Is Being Discontinued And We Will Never Again Offer This Item. 
Some Snaps Are Defective. Snaps on all pants are defective, SOLD AS IS.

Out Of Size MEDIUM. Some Snaps May Be Defective and portions of the rubber may be discolored. Purchase At Your Own Risk! 

Better Order Yours Today! 

These Were First Released To The Public On May 19, 2012. Protex TRANSPARENT SNAP-ON Vulcanized Rubber Pants And Introduction Priced. 

Four Silver Or White Snaps From Leg To Waist On Each Of These Pants. Four (4) On Each Side. Photo Shows White Snaps, But some may be silver. These Pants Are Made Of Heavier Rubber Than Are Our Protex/Fetisso Pants. This Is NOT A LIGHT Duty RUBBER PANT. 

And SMOOTH And Soft. 

Very Limited Supply. 

First Time Ever, We Offer Them Here In The United States Of America, You Can Get The Very Best Of This Craft. Be The Very First On Your Block To See, Feel And Touch This Unique Garment.

These Wonderful Protex TRANSPARENT SNAP-ON Vulcanized RUBBER PANTS Have Been Made Especially For You By Gifted Artisans Working Tiredlessly To Make Sure You Have The Smooth, Tough, But Delicately Crafted Product You Have Before You Today. Soft, Supple, But Heavier Than Protex/Fetisso Rubber Garments We Offer Elsewhere On This Site. This Garment Stretches With You, Not Against You, For You Are The Mold And The Garment Is Being Cast Around You Engulfing Your Body With It's Shape And Form, Adhering To This Conformity, To Give You The Perfect Feel And Look, A Feel And Look You Have Been Searching For And Not Found Until Now. The Extremely Wide Crotch Endeavors To Give You Just The Right Amount Of Stretch And Movement You Have Always Wanted. 

Photo Shows White Snaps But some Are Silver. 

Classroom Dynamics Please: 
Raw Rubber Is A Polymer That Is Temperamental At Best. There Is A Thin Line Drawn In The Sand, So To Speak, In The Materialization Process One Is Attempting To Obtain In Transforming The Polymers From A Sticky Substance To One Of Smoothness And Wearability. In Vulcanized Rubber, Engineers Had A Material Which Could Be Shaped And Formed To Precise Shapes And Dimensions, And Which Would Accept Moderate To Large Deformations Under Load And Recover Quickly To Its Original Dimensions Once The Load Was Removed. These, Combined With Good Durability And Lack Of Stickiness, Are The Critical Requirements For An Effective Sealing Material. Protex Medical Inc., Has Done This With This Particular Garment. Vulcanization Transforms The Surface Of The Material From A Sticky Feel To A Smooth Soft Surface Which Does Not Adhere To The Form It Touches. Thus Smoothness Is Born. 

Measurements And Description For Protex Medical TRANSPARENT SNAP-ON Vulcanized Rubber Pants, #202 

Some Snaps Are Defective and portions of the rubber may be discolored . SOLD AS IS.


Please Advise: Individual Sizes Can Vary Up To 2". Please Advise. 
Small: (30"- 36") 
Waist: Un-Stretched: 30" Stretched: 36" 
Legs: 7" Stretched: 22" 
Crotch: Un-Stretched: 13" Stretched 18" 
Side Seam: 9" 

Medium: (32"- 38") (OUT) 
Waist: Un-Stretched: 32" Stretched: 38" 
Legs: 8 1/2" Stretched: 26" 
Crotch: Un-Stretched:14" Stretched: 19" 
Side Seam: 9" 

Large: (36"- 42") (OUT)
Waist: Un-Stretched: 36" Stretched: 42" 
Legs: 8" Stretched: 26" 
Crotch: Un-Stretched: 14" Stretched: 19" 
Side Seam: 9" 

X-Large: (38"- 44")
Waist: Un-Stretched:38" Stretched: 44" 
Legs: 8 1/2" Stretched: 28" 
Crotch: 14" Stretched: 19" 
Side Seam: 9"

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