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Protex Diaper T's #270 at $14.95

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Great Discount!  $14.95!

They are here. Our NEW Protex Diaper T's in 100% cotton. So what is so great about this new product? Glad you asked. We have cut our New Protex White Diaper T's 3 inches shorter than the average mens T shirt and why have we done it? You asked us! Now with a shorter tail your T's won't get caught UNDER your diaper. Now there is room BETWEEN your diaper and your T! How about that?

Simply put, regular Mens T shirts have tails that are much too long. We heard it over and over from you that because of the length of mens T's purchased from a store you were having difficulty pinning your diapers (or if you wear disposables your T would get caught UNDER your diaper) since the long tails kept getting in the way.

Not anymore, because we have come to your aid. Here they are and ready for shipment. That's right we have one or a dozen ready for shipment to you right away, so order now ad tell us what you think.

Protex White Diaper T's. Just for you!



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