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Gail's White Nylon Panty with Panty Shield Item #500

  • $ 3995

NEW Product;Item #500

Gail's White Nylon Panty with PLASTIC Panty Shield.

Brand new for 2015 is our very own White Nylon Panty by Gail. It is a full cut white nylon panty complete with a bright SOFT yellow PLASTIC Panty Shield on the inside of the crotch. Panty's such as these were manufactured during the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

Then because of the proliferation of the disposable panties which could be found in every venue in America as well as adds on TV, they just as suddenly disappeared.

Protex brings them back and now so you can have your very own in a number of different sizes.


Size 5-Small

Size 6-Medium

Size 7-Large

Size 8-Xtra Large

Size 9- Extra Extra Large

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